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Photography is a medium that breaks barriers, engages students and teaches story-telling in a democratic fashion. Children are much more exposed to technology than ever before and CPB aims to tap the potential and nurture them through its visual education program.
We are proud and excited about the start of our visual education program – the iPhoneXRPhotoCamps for schools in Chennai where experienced mentors, chosen by CPB will teach students the basics of photography such as light, composition and framing.
600+ Diverse students from Private and Public schools all over Chennai will learn Photography through the iPhone via this program. We are also expanding the program to include University students.

Some Photos from our Camps

Experienced Mentors

Looking at the works of Celebrated Photographers

“Increasingly, photography is becoming one of the most accessible forms of self-expression as well as self-representation. Most kids increasingly are being introduced to photography through their parents’ phones now so we thought, why not start there. Through these phone camps, I’d like to see students go beyond the “cellphone” selfie and really explore the world around them. By starting with the basics of composition, light, framing – students will learn the building blocks of visual art. What is the background? Where do you place your subject?
We are hoping to include these works in the Biennale as part of a Students’ Showcase and we invite more schools in Chennai to participate. Get in touch!”

Gayatri Nair, CPB Founding Member

Selected students from our PhotoCamp workshops will get to attend the next level of training in advanced photography. They will also be trained to work on a specific theme. The final works will be curated and exhibited as part of the students’ showcase in CPB2019 at one of the public venues. These PhotoCamps will be an ongoing feature of the foundation as part of its education mandate and will continue to engage students of different schools. Over the course of the next year, CPB invites schools from across the city to participate. Our goal is to teach over 600 students.

CPB Foundation is a registered public trust under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882. In addition to being the organising body of Chennai Photo Biennale – a 4-week long public art initiative, the foundation conducts monthly educational programs, panel discussions and portfolio reviews with the objective to nurture the photographic arts community.

For more – chennaiphotobiennale.com

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